A little while ago, I encountered one post from quora.com that state the inner condition of the post’s writer.

That short, but brutally honest post goes like this :

“I think I’m lost. I really don’t know how to live the rest of my life. I feel hopeless and depressed, with no goals or dreams. What should I do?”

The post got many answers and encouragement, mostly because it is so relatable.

I suspect that many, many people in this…

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Ever wondered why some people achieve something very few could?

When you look around and take a look at the most successful person in the room, what do they do that no one else does?

Note: This article is chunks of insight from a book by Jeff Olson — The Slight Edge.

The One Thing That Differentiates Successful People with Average Ones

Have you ever meet that person who seems…

Run Your Business from A Single Intention. Of Passion. Of Drive to Help. Of Wanting to Spread Goodness. Ethically.

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The Essential Part of Soul-Based Business

According to Intuitive lifestyles, soul-based business means being aligned in one.

Being aligned in one's soul means having conscious awareness of what you are expressing and creating in your business, while…

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