A little while ago, I encountered one post from quora.com that state the inner condition of the post’s writer.

That short, but brutally honest post goes like this :

“I think I’m lost. I really don’t know how to live the rest of my life. I feel hopeless and depressed, with no goals or dreams. What should I do?”

The post got many answers and encouragement, mostly because it is so relatable.

I suspect that many, many people in this modern world has felt it in some point of their life.

Feeling like your life is empty.

Feeling like you are without hope.

Feeling like you are heading towards nothing in life,

or worse : Feeling like being dead is actually sounds better than alive.

And it is a sad…

Are you the one that this speech talked about?

The one that constantly looked at weirdly by other people?

The one that’s being singled out from your herd because you’re too ‘weird’ and ‘too different’?

If so, I’d say celebrate it.

You came here to earth not to fit in and recreate the same things over and over again.

You came here to flourish. To heal yourself. To understand pain.

Then to find a new way of living. A much more fulfilling life, a better life for the future of humanity.

And I thank you for your service.

The Anatomy of A Blacksheep

Let’s talk more about who you are, as…

Let’s fix it.

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You remember that night when you were 7 years old?

You heard your caretakers yelling. Screaming at each other about how they are short of cash.

Just... No money left.

You closed your eyes, pretending to sleep.

But this money talk really bothers you, for some reason.

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Do you have a goal income?

Say, you want to hit 5–6 figures as a freelance writer or entrepreneur.

This is doable, but you need a powerful strategy.

And one of the most powerful strategies you can come up with is this :

Deciding your ideal client.

The Reasons Why

To receive massive success from what you are doing, you have to change other people’s lives for the better.

You need a way to serve other people and help them shift slightly better, or all together.

The mathematic is simple.

If you can make one person’s life slightly easier, you are winning.


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Ever wondered why some people achieve something very few could?

When you look around and take a look at the most successful person in the room, what do they do that no one else does?

Note: This article is chunks of insight from a book by Jeff Olson — The Slight Edge.

The One Thing That Differentiates Successful People with Average Ones

Have you ever meet that person who seems to exude the aura of success?

The one who talked with ease, smiling, and walking like they deserve respect.

They own a 7-figure business, but always makes the one they talk to feel like they too can achieve great things.

There’s something in their aura that screams confidence without boasting…

The year 2020 teaches us many things.

A lesson of contemplation. A lesson of quiet strength in the middle of chaos.

A lesson of keeping our mind and body healthy because we literally need to.

A lesson of awakening to the false source of fear.

A lesson of courage.

And most importantly, it teaches us that what we need moving forward, is to be resilient amidst a crisis.

Constant disruption on planet earth seems like something that just keeps happening in 2020.

There are so many chaotic moments, movements, problems.

Traumatic events, economical collapse, and even personal disturbance.

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When you turn on the news, you will find so many clips of anxiety-inducing scenes. …

Run Your Business from A Single Intention. Of Passion. Of Drive to Help. Of Wanting to Spread Goodness. Ethically.

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The Essential Part of Soul-Based Business

According to Intuitive lifestyles, soul-based business means being aligned in one.

Being aligned in one's soul means having conscious awareness of what you are expressing and creating in your business, while also anticipating what you are contributing to those your business serves in the process.

This implies thinking further before you decided to create a business. What is the soul of your business? And how will your business impact your clients in a positive way?

Having a soul-based business means getting…

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I used to have a youtube channel with 16,000 subscribers.

A quite loyal following, some fans, many many encouraging comments, people that loved my works, and lovely clients.

The channel was about spirituality. Tarot reading, multidimensional reality, the law of attraction, and all things alike.

I was a tarot reader, giving monthly zodiac readings and some ‘pick a card’ readings that seemed so popular at the time.

My intention was to help.

I wanted to help people find clarity through the readings, and hopefully give them useful advice on how to moving forward in life.

That was it.

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There’s something fascinating about our society.

A thing that forces us to keep our game in constant high.

Not giving ourselves chances to fall and fail, being and acting ‘unlovable’ every once in a while. So afraid of rejection. Begging for acceptance, and always striving towards perfection.

Thanks to technology and the internet, we are so used to see success.

Our friend’s successes. Our neighbors.

That stranger over there that looks gorgeous with her blinking dresses.

Those strangers on Instagram look so happy and fulfilled in their fancy cars.

But life isn’t always that perfect.

Truth is, even those strangers…

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The year was 2017. January 23rd.

I was crying in the corner of my then room. The whole world seems to fade away. Between hundreds of problems that I got, nothing — nothing! — felt more painful than this day.

I’ve been crying and crying for the past couple of weeks.

Mourning the loss of something I didn’t even know existed before.

You know that feeling of hitting a wall, desperate to break through, only to meet with never-ending silence?

That feeling when you think nothing else matters. The only thing that matters abandoned you — and you just don’t think you can survive.

I remember…

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